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The Singaporean Dream by SGAG is an interactive card game where you can sabo, complain and pay your way to be the perfect Singaporean!



The game begins by dealing a random Singaporean Personality along with 5 action cards to each player.


At the start of your turn draw 2 action cards. During your turn, you can play 3 actions. Actions consist of playing action cards, cash cards, using personality special power and buying dreams.


Keep going until the Dreams run out, the Player with the most Dreams wins!


Box includes 104 hand-drawn cards (6 Personality Cards, 18 Dream Cards, 24 Cash Cards, 56 Action Cards,1 instruction sheet (Card size is 64mm x 90mm)


3 - 6 Players

20 Minutes Playtime  

The Singaporean Dream (160 Sets) - Delivery included

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