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The aim of Sitting Ducks Gallery is to use your 'dead-eye' aim and cunning to shoot your opponent's ducks and ensure that your ducks are the last ones remaining in the Gallery.


The player's are presented with a Sitting Ducks Gallery in which the player's ducks will appear as new cards enter the central row and occasionally some empty spaces too.


The players must then use cards in their hand to aim at particular ducks of choice. Once a duck has an aim token over it any player can play a 'Fire' card to shoot them and thus eliminate the duck from the gallery. When a player has all of their ducks eliminated they are out of the game.


The player's also have access to many special cards that allow the line to be manipulated. Results can be the movement of ducks, however Aim Tokens do not move and in this way a player an protect their ducks and threaten those of the opposition.

Sitting Ducks Gallery

  • 3 - 6 Players

    20 Minutes Playtime

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